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Bone anchored hearing system

Conductive Hearing Loss: Causes and Treatments

April 12, 2021

Bone-anchored hearing system (picture: There are three main types of hearing loss: Sensorineural hearing loss – the most wide-spread; conductive hearing loss – often underrated and neglected; mixed hearing loss – a combination of sensorineural and conductive. Do you…

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Silent Vestibular Migraine

Silent Vestibular Migraine

April 10, 2021

How can a migraine be silent?  That is a good question without a clear answer. However, there are those who have suffered from migraine episodes for years without knowing it. Why? Because not all migraines lead to pulsating and debilitating…

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Hearing Loss Outed By Covid

Hearing Loss Outed by COVID-19

March 27, 2021

No place to hide Yes, hearing loss became truly a family affair during COVID isolation and quarantine. There was no way to hide 24/7 when conversations became labored for those with hearing loss. Family members grew weary in a hurry…

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Biometric Pressure and BPPV

Barometric Pressure and BPPV

March 12, 2021

Challenging the balance system Weather happens. Seasons change. Storms of all kinds bear down on us. And with that, the barometric pressure yoyos up and down.  This can make life pretty miserable for those with inner-ear vestibular disorders and damage.…

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Ear related nausea and vomitting

Ear-related Nausea and Vomiting

February 9, 2021

Been there! Do not delay seeking help Vertigo! The world begins to look like the above picture. Dizziness, spinning or whirling sensations related to  inner ear problems tend to happen suddenly. They can range from mild to incapacitating. Hearing changes,…

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Hearing loss and fatigue

Hearing Loss and Fatigue

January 23, 2021

Worn out by the struggle to hear? The effort of trying to follow a conversation tends to leave people with hearing loss exhausted, anxious and plenty stressed. Yet, the ties between hearing loss and fatigue are all too often under-appreciated…

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Hearing loss and grief

Hearing Loss and Grief

January 9, 2021

Loss is loss  Grieving one’s hearing? Don’t the notions of Grief and Loss only apply to losing living creatures, like people and pets? Not exactly. I certainly got a crash course on the issue when a sudden hearing loss totally…

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SNR Hearing Loss

SNR Hearing Loss

December 17, 2020

What did you say? Old problem gets a name An almost standard comment from people with hearing loss goes like this: “If only I could turn the speakers’ voices up louder, I would be able to hear and understand better…

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Hearing Loss and Covid

Hearing Loss and COVID-Distanced Holidays

November 23, 2020

Virtual technology for communication access People with hearing challenges tend to dread the Holiday Season, the peak socializing time of the year. It is a frustrating and even depressing time when many feel excluded from conversations and activities as they…

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Telecoils and neckloops

COVID Homebound? Loop Yourself for Better Hearing

November 11, 2020

Got telecoils in the hearing aids but no loop at home with which to use them? Learn about the induction neckloop, which could be a very helpful tool for those who do not have Bluetooth hearing aid connectivity for streaming over short…

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