Can Noise-induced Hearing Loss Make Tough Men Cry?

a man sitting in the dark with his head down

Yes, it can. Worn down by the challenges of noise-induced hearing loss and tortured by tinnitus, tough men do cry. In support meetings and presentations, I have seen the eyes of strong, determined guys well up with tears. They suddenly felt vulnerable. They worried about their jobs and families, their social lives and their future. …

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Noise-induced Hearing Loss (NIHL): A Worldwide Concern

people in a concert with hands up

In February 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that over 1 billion teens and young adults are at serious risk for noise-induced hearing loss. What has been written and talked about for some time, is fast becoming a sad reality.  Every insult counts! No matter how or where it is generated, excessively loud sound ages human…

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