Hearing Loss Outed By Covid

Hearing Loss Outed by COVID-19

By Monique Hammond / March 27, 2021 / Comments Off on Hearing Loss Outed by COVID-19

No place to hide Yes, hearing loss became truly a family affair during COVID isolation and quarantine. There was no way to hide 24/7 when conversations became labored for those with hearing loss. Family members grew weary in a hurry of having to confront the communication struggles every single day. One lady shared that she…

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Hearing Loss and Covid

Hearing Loss and COVID-Distanced Holidays

By Monique Hammond / November 23, 2020 / Comments Off on Hearing Loss and COVID-Distanced Holidays

Virtual technology for communication access People with hearing challenges tend to dread the Holiday Season, the peak socializing time of the year. It is a frustrating and even depressing time when many feel excluded from conversations and activities as they struggle to hear and understand in noisy places.  However, new ways of communicating might actually…

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Telecoils and neckloops

COVID Homebound? Loop Yourself for Better Hearing

By Monique Hammond / November 11, 2020 / Comments Off on COVID Homebound? Loop Yourself for Better Hearing

Got telecoils in the hearing aids but no loop at home with which to use them? Learn about the induction neckloop, which could be a very helpful tool for those who do not have Bluetooth hearing aid connectivity for streaming over short distances.  What is a neckloop? A basic, non-amplified neckloop is a miniature version of a large loop,…

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Hearing Loops for businesses

Hearing Loops for Businesses

By Monique Hammond / October 10, 2020 / Comments Off on Hearing Loops for Businesses

Shortcomings in equitable access Although totally necessary, COVID-19 safety precautions have led to serious communication issues for those with hearing challenges ─ over 20 percent of the population.   While all customers and clients need equitable access to communication at any time, the Coronavirus has uncovered the fact that many businesses have few if any ways of…

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COVID-19 Related Hearing Loss?

By Monique Hammond / August 18, 2020 / Comments Off on COVID-19 Related Hearing Loss?

An overlooked but possible COVID-19 complication  It is well-known that many viruses are capable of causing hearing damage and hearing loss. The list of culprits, includes viruses that cause measles, mumps, rubella, the CMV virus (CytoMegaloVirus) as well as viruses in the Herpes family. However, as reports of ear and hearing problems are published, the…

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Covid 19 Hearing Loss

COVID-19 — Suddenly a Quieter World.

By Monique Hammond / April 20, 2020 / Comments Off on COVID-19 — Suddenly a Quieter World.

Calm and serenity: A silver lining?   Like everybody else, I do not enjoy social distancing. After all, I love doing my Safety and hearing loss presentations in person, with actual people! Feelings of isolation? As a person with hearing loss, I have my share of those already.  What I do enjoy about this virus-imposed quarantine…

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Keep hearinh alove in Covid 19

In COVID-19 Isolation? Keep Hearing Alive

By Monique Hammond / April 3, 2020 / Comments Off on In COVID-19 Isolation? Keep Hearing Alive

Those with hearing loss know a thing or two about social isolation. Struggling to understand speech stirs up plenty of feelings of being sidelined during conversations or activities with family, friends and coworkers.   Now add to that social distancing ─ which hinders speechreading and tests the distance performance of hearing aids ─ and pretty…

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Covid 19 Understanding PPE

COVID-19 – Understanding PPE

By Monique Hammond / March 4, 2020 / Comments Off on COVID-19 – Understanding PPE

Personal Protective Equipment: It’s all about Safety The talk about PPE, such as masks, gloves and topical disinfectants is all the rage nowadays. Until recently the general public had little awareness of the importance of PPE and many might not have known what the letters actually stand for.   Since then, we have all gotten a crash…

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