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Talks and Keynotes on Hearing Loss for Groups

If you are interested in having Monique speak to your group, please email at [email protected] or call (612) 729-0082.

Zoom Presentations are done for all Presentations .

Monique has spoken to over 200 groups about hearing loss, to over 6,000 members of the public.
(This is in addition to the 60 employee safety meetings, over 2,000 employees, which are shown on another page on this site.)

Monique is passionate about working to keep people hearing better for longer.
1 in 5 Americans now have significant hearing loss and the number is growing every day!

Hearing Loss the Silent Epidemic – Protect Your Ears and Talk to Your Children and Grandchildren!

Categories: Public Education on Ear and Hearing Safety, Hearing Loss Prevention, Advocacy

Interested Parties:

  • General public – especially those with noisy jobs and/or leisure activities
  • Employers
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Seniors
  • Public Health officials

Some topics: How we hear, rising social/recreational noise levels, industrial noise, hearing loss consequences and prevention
How and Why To Protect Your Hearing

Some topics: Statistics, rising noise pollution, at-risk populations, lack of targeted public education efforts

Hearing Loss – Protect Your Ears and Talk to Your Children, Grandchildren!

Ear-Harmful Chemicals? Making Sense of Ototoxicity.

Categories: Medical Information, Public Education, Prevention

Interested Parties:

  • General public
  • Health care providers and caregivers
  • Alternative health practitioners
  • Social workers

Some topics: What is ototoxicity? Examples of known and suspected substances, complicating issues, and strategies for staying safe.

When Ears Ring: Tinnitus!

Categories: Information, Awareness, Support
Interested Parties:

  • Those with tinnitus
  • Those who live with people with tinnitus
  • Health providers: doctors, nurses, nursing home staff, social workers, etc.

Some topics: What is tinnitus? Emotional burden, management strategies, and research

Induction Loops and Other Listening Devices – To Help Those With Hearing Loss

Categories: Public education on ear/hearing help; technology; devices, access
Interested Parties:

  • General public – especially those with hearing loss
  • Public venues: churches, museums, city councils, libraries, conference halls
  • Building managers
  • Public Health officials

Some topics: Hearing loss and assistive listening devices; what is a loop; who can benefit and how?

Video of Monique

To see Monique in action, here is an example:
Monique did a promotional for the Hearing Loss Association of America – Twin Cities Chapter of which Monique is a Past President.  

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