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Auditory Processing Disorder Affects Learning and Communication

By Monique Hammond / July 5, 2023 / Comments Off on Auditory Processing Disorder Affects Learning and Communication

Auditory processing Disorder (APD) affects learning and communication at any age. It is NOT caused by hearing loss. Although many APD-related symptoms appear to be similar to those caused by hearing loss, they happen for different reasons. One might say that APD mimics hearing loss.  APD is due to sound processing problems of the brain…

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Lazy Ear in children

Lazy Ear in Children

By Monique Hammond / August 28, 2021 / Comments Off on Lazy Ear in Children

A sound processing disorder The technical term for “Lazy Ear” is ambly-audia, which means dulled or blunted hearing. Although the condition can be genetic, it is often acquired during the phases of hearing development and maturation in infancy and throughout the childhood years.  Lazy Ear or amblyaudia is lopsided, asymmetrical hearing, which results from sound processing challenges…

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