Monique Hammond, Registered Pharmacist, Public Speaker, Hearing Loss Consultant and Author  provides information and discusses issues  to help those with Hearing Loss.  The Blog is located on the "Blog-Hearing Loss" page on this site.



Improve Safety and Prevent Hearing Damage at Your Organization for your employees. 

A loud noise exposure contributed to my hearing loss, which eventually cost me my job.  I speak from personal experience. People are introduced to how we hear and where, how and why loud sound damages hearing - both on and off the job. In the interest of Safety for Self and for the Team, other Safety concerns related to excessively loud sound are also discussed. People also learn to appreciate how hearing loss affects quality of life in general. There is indeed a lot of motivation to protect ears and hearing. 

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The Book - What Did You Say? An Unexpected Journey into the World of Hearing Loss

Monique Hammond is a Registered Pharmacist. A loud sound exposure at a Church fundraiser contributed to a Sudden one-sided Deafness that eventually ended her hospital pharmacy career.  In her book, "What Did You Say?," she shares her story and all of the details on ears and hearing loss that she had to learn the hard way. Her intent is to empower people through education so that they become their own best advocates. The Second Edition - an updated version of the first edition -  was published in 2016 after the First Edition sold out. To purchase a book in soft cover or Kindle, see the BOOK Page in this site.


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