COVID-19 — Suddenly a Quieter World.

Covid 19 Hearing Loss

Calm and serenity: A silver lining?   Like everybody else, I do not enjoy social distancing. After all, I love doing my Safety and hearing loss presentations in person, with actual people! Feelings of isolation? As a person with hearing loss, I have my share of those already.  What I do enjoy about this virus-imposed quarantine…

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In COVID-19 Isolation? Keep Hearing Alive

Keep hearinh alove in Covid 19

Those with hearing loss know a thing or two about social isolation. Struggling to understand speech stirs up plenty of feelings of being sidelined during conversations or activities with family, friends and coworkers.   Now add to that social distancing ─ which hinders speechreading and tests the distance performance of hearing aids ─ and pretty…

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