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Hearing Loss Denial Delays Getting Help

By Monique Hammond / September 19, 2023 /

Many people with hearing loss deny their communication struggles for an average of seven years. They reject the truth and refuse to accept what is often obvious to those round them. Sadly, hearing loss denial delays getting help. It stands in the way of dealing with reality and moving on with life. One could say…

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It’s May, the Time to Take Action on Hearing and Speech Issues

By Monique Hammond / May 11, 2021 / Comments Off on It’s May, the Time to Take Action on Hearing and Speech Issues

During the month of May, people are called upon to raise awareness on many diverse topics. It is also my birth month. But I never ever thought that May would become important to me as “Better Hearing and Speech” Month.  Connections through Communication Every year since 1927, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) dedicates the month…

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Hearing Loss Outed By Covid

Hearing Loss Outed by COVID-19

By Monique Hammond / March 27, 2021 / Comments Off on Hearing Loss Outed by COVID-19

No place to hide Yes, hearing loss became truly a family affair during COVID isolation and quarantine. There was no way to hide 24/7 when conversations became labored for those with hearing loss. Family members grew weary in a hurry of having to confront the communication struggles every single day. One lady shared that she…

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