Air Travel with Hearing Loss

By Monique Hammond / April 8, 2024 / Comments Off on Air Travel with Hearing Loss

For those with hearing loss any travel is stressful.  However, air travel presents many extra challenges. Nowadays, major airports are huge, confusing places with plenty of noise, echoes, and scattering sound. In such environments even a mild hearing loss can have disabling and anxiety-raising effects. Typically, hard-of-hearing people struggle to understand speech in background noise.…

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Don’t Let Hearing Loss Increase Holiday Stress

By Monique Hammond / December 9, 2023 / Comments Off on Don’t Let Hearing Loss Increase Holiday Stress

Why might hearing loss support groups feature mental health speakers around the end-of-the-year Holiday Season? It is expected that such specialists will help strengthen the resolve and self-confidence of their members so that they can “survive” the stress of the Holidays. Hearing loss increases Holiday stress because it is a tiring, chronic communication issue. The…

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