Hearing Loss is a Chronic Condition.

The Back of a Man and a Child on a Field

A management project  I used to have really, really good hearing. Then one day – poof −I went deaf in my left ear in a matter of four hours. Tinnitus set in almost immediately. Although I regained a bit of hearing over time, life had changed – forever. The ENT specialist informed me tersely that…

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Loved Ones with Hearing Loss? Hear’s to Valentine’s Day!

a pink color coffee mug and a plate of cookies

 This year, make Valentine’s Day count for friends and loved ones with hearing loss. Although their biggest issue is understanding speech in background noise, they delight in being told that they are appreciated – and they really want to hear it.  Any efforts at even basic accommodation will be greatly appreciated. So, surprise your hearing-challenged Valentine(s)…

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