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Monique has spoken to over 80 groups about Hearing Loss - to over 3500 members of the public.

(this is in addition to the 60 Employee Safety Meetings - which are shown on another page on this site).

Monique is passionate about working to keep people hearing better longer. 

 1 in 5 Americans now have significant hearing loss and the number is growing everyday!

Hearing Loss the Silent Epidemic – Protect Your ears and Talk to Your Children and Grandchildren!


Categories: Public Education on Ear and / Hearing Safety, Hearing Loss Prevention, Advocacy

Interested parties:

· General public – especially those with noisy jobs and/or leisure activities

· Employers

· Parents

· Teachers

· Seniors

· Public Health officials

Some topics: How we hear, rising social/recreational noise levels, industrial noise, hearing loss consequences and prevention

How and Why to protect your hearing

Some topics: Statistics, rising noise pollution, at-risk populations, lack of targeted public education efforts

   Hearing Loss – Protect Your ears and Talk to Your Children, Grandchildren!

Ear-harmful Chemicals? Making Sense of Ototoxicity


Categories: Medical Information, Public Education, Prevention

Interested parties:

· General public

· Health care providers; caregivers

· Alternative health practitioners

· Social workers;

Some topics: What is ototoxicity? Examples of known and suspected substances, complicating issues, strategies for staying safe


When Ears Ring: Tinnitus!


Categories: Information, Awareness, Support

Interested parties:

· Those with tinnitus

· Those who live with people with tinnitus

· Health providers: doctors, nurses, nursing home staff, social workers, etc.

Some topics: What is tinnitus? Emotional burden, management strategies and research

Induction Loops and Other Listening Devices - to help those with Hearing Loss


Categories: Public education on ear/hearing help; technology; devices, access

Interested parties:

· General public – especially those with hearing loss

· Public venues: churches, museums, city councils, libraries, conference halls

· Building managers

· Public Health officials

Some topics: Hearing loss and assistive listening devices; what is a loop; who can benefit and how?

Video of Monique

To see Monique in Action - here is an example: 

Monique did a promotional for the Hearing Loss Association of America - Twin Cities Chapter of which Monique is a Past President.